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dreamstrifer ([personal profile] dreamstrifer) wrote2015-09-17 03:57 pm

Friends Only

Comment please! I'm not too terribly picky about my friends, so just leave me one and I'll more than likely add you.

[identity profile] omegatalon.livejournal.com 2008-11-03 03:09 pm (UTC)(link)
So ... you should definitely add me. 8D Even though I really do not use LJ all that much, and when I do, it's not usually for actual "journal" things. XP Buuuuttt ... it's another way to keep in contact with someone across the country, and ... well, you are definitely someone I want to keep in contact with in as many ways as possible. <3

[identity profile] dreamstrifer.livejournal.com 2008-11-03 03:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, I suppose I can add you. :P